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fire stoking


the wine

now my heart is red,

a shadow in my hand unfolding.

(azeda booth)

my love goes in and out of me,

(azeda booth)

my love is going.

a room in the turning sheets,


a moon in the trees,

a shadow unfolding in my hand,

the light falling on the leaves

and the moon in the tangled trees unfolding.

for common tones in simple time by john adams

m i d e l s  for a minamalist


,so in a, p i a n o


a special interior held

                                                   from thee.


what sudden leap

from here to there

what sudden leap

a hare

a small wind blows

a small wind blows

a small window closed

in tuba or

in tuba or

a song

in turning strings

and wind or

on lips


my love,

singing or

the wind is

moving in

me again

the wind is moving me.


I am going

To the edge

Of the curtain

From the edge

Of the bed

Where you are


Where I was sleeping with you.

I have come from

The sheets and

Followed the soft

Light out of

The room

Into the light

Of another


With the cool

Shadows remembering

You in bed pushing

Yourself toward

Morning like a

Little boat on

A soft lake out

From the shore,

But I close the door

And watch you

Turnover in

The light.


A wet towel is hanging from a bar

In the bathroom.

And the tub is full of hairs.

I am very sleepy.

A slug melts in salt.

Dirty dishes in the sink.

What did I eat today?

But a long robe is hanging

On the chair.

And I am only waiting for someone else

To talk.

The Owl


The owl

Going who

Suddenly to

An owl somewhere,




In the dark arms

Of the dark trees, loudly

Once cried

And cried.


Someone left the low, awe, lights on the walls.

They leave


with them.

The ceilings are left open.

Not to


you breathing in the stove,


Picking apples from

the eating worms


what don’t I mean


Listening to the radio or

stereo.                                                                                Sounds better.