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Ezra Pound 2

the tree is,

                 grass is,

the sky is not moving





Edict 2 (Pound)

Have my, the too warm cold

and have empty is in

sheets, the bed and you

are reaching me

in through me.


When day is ending

and there is that way

everything has of falling

through me,

then I am beginning to go

round and turn in the



When it is ending,

then all falls before me.

and if it was not, I would have said.

Light Within Light, Ash Falling on Ash, Wheel Turns to Wheel







                                                                      To look meaningly

                                                           Not strict remiss

                                                                           Flower soft dermiss course and various

                                                                                    Err sky color’d mountains to seem

By this

                                                                                    Hoar frost mead awry spume ore

Smelting drifts

                                                                                    Uninflect’d tonal reform to birth

Rose in

Cry reading                                                                  brown nude

For us again

                                                                                                            Providing shore

Pound waves

Song to day                                                 and next               and next to day is in






                              Interference metaphor bland

                                                            Substance pound err ables                  lost amongst The light

                                                            Gleam of television regard

                                                                                                                        Def in one ear

Seeing out the other

                                                            Scrambled well-circled

Random poverty live ables

                                                                                                            Crash recoil and crash