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words borrowed from the ends of sentences in Steve Reich’s “Music as a Gradual Process”


music rest,

music it,


is electronic is

mechanical or

changes music,

changes audible or




gradually changes is



patterns work

gradually moving for exclusive it.


Sawing (A Play)



            The stage is in darkness.  We see two people.  One standing and Two sitting.  Two is trying hard to saw off his legs.





One:  It’s morning and the sun is not quite full in the sky.



Two:  (Sawing).   Why are you talking now? You’re not supposed to be talking.



One:  And all around we can here the birds moving.



Two:  What birds?



One:  It could rain some.



Two:  It’s not going to rain.



One:  Your not listening.



Two:  To what?






Two:  Did you hear me?  To what?



One:  I wouldn’t set you on fire if you were wet.



Two:  (Sawing harder now, obviously upset).  You were saying that the birds are moving and I was saying that I could not hear them.  I can’t hear what’s not moving. 



Pause.  One has turned from two.



Two:  (Stops sawing).  Look, as soon as I am done we can go.  What were you saying?






Two:  Finish.



One:  That the birds are moving and it could rain.






One:  And the sky is full of air.



Two begins sawing again.



One.  We can hear a very little bit of trees just over us…forming.



Two:  (Tossing the left leg left).  There.



One: (Picking up the discarded leg).  Hey, can I have this?  (Turning it over in his hands).



Two: (Looking up).  If you want it.  I don’t need it.



One:  Are you going to want the other one?



Two:  (Intently sawing).  Nope.



One. (Inspired).  Stretching out their long bodies on the breeze. 



Two:  (looking up).  I would have said wind.



One:  What?



Two:  (Sawing again).  I would have said, stretching out on the wind.






One:  Your not me.



Two:  Obviously.



They both laugh a little.



Two:  Got it.  (Throwing the leg behind him into, what a single spot light reveals to be, a large pile of similar legs).



One:  Good.



Two:  Let’s go.



Black out.