oppositions and wind



Know that is

Light slides down

The shadowed wall

And that curved tongue

Pressed a measured palm in

Or each leaning kiss is given once and

Taken back again.  I’m saying said this once.


Material of

Thickest paper and

Arm a full now rose

Revolving of red.


Standard o say

You are missing in




Meadow now

And again comes

Meadow all white

And snowing some.


All through forth

Shattered light



Out of the trees

Birds spread

Slowly round.


Either I am

A kind of toiled

Ending of windows or

With each thought I

Go out into the light and come back in again.


Bathing come

Going bathing a

(Jump and jump)

Come and going

Bathing a bathing a


Come bathing a going

(jump jump)

Bathing leap.


When ear

Well here

Well or

A or a

Ear well

Here mumbling.


Heaped wind on

As tree leaves

Suddenly tree leaves

Heaped and





An owl


(In the dark tree)

Turns round its head

Round and who

reaches into

The night to tear away a mouse.


Have me

In coming and going

Curtains in windowing



Have me



In some     awful

And           only                                               way

Other        howl

Goes heavy a shade across the yard silently now,

Some awful other standing near leering and In

Some        awful

And           only

Other way standing and I. 


Awe me

In new clothes

Pretending a dream.


I have given you a forest made

From my hand a forest and

Given it to you.


& found

Your letter, but

With others gathering

Dust.  So

And so says


    • Ra Ra Salamander
    • April 18th, 2010

    Meadow now

    And again comes

    Meadow all white

    And snowing some.

    ugh-a chacka!!!

    • thank u
      i think

        • Ra Ra Salamander
        • April 21st, 2010

        assuredly! from a fixed point they come ( and you are HOME, present for it in that point, which i believe is all any one can ask ) a point like a blob of mercury you can put yr finger to and succeed in touching yet how, what happens in these?

        Meadow now

        And again comes

        Meadow all white

        And snowing some.

        sense of humor you say, looking for, THAT
        made me laugh. and the

        (jump jump)

        Bathing leap.

        Is Groucho! Red trunks. Is ridiculous, is perfect.

        There are surprises here, galore yet nothing that beckons reader ( and thats a shitty word, reader ) into anything less than what the poems are capable of. They surprise by assurance, and w/ no bullshit go-team propulsions but by movement from where, and to where, in yr one extending place and simply. THEY. ARE. MYSTERIOUS!

        Its 3:33 again and my little inept alien friend is again in the walls chirping.

      • thank you

        for your attention to these poems

        i look forward to a continued dialogue

    • Ji
    • April 21st, 2010


    we are from Thursday poets Rally,
    you are represented as fresh poets to know,
    please read the link above and consider being a participant.
    love your blog and work!

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