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The Line

Lights Up.

We see a single line of blankly dressed men stretching from stage left to right.  The last two men in the line at stage left begin a dialogue.

Men 1:  I am dreading this.

Man 2:  What?

Man 1:  This (pointing toward the front of the line).

Man 2:  O, that.  Just relate your position.

The line moves forward.  When a man exits right another enters left.  The line moves continuously in this way, unbroken, across the stage. 

Man 1:  It’s not that straight forward.

Man 2:  It’s straight enough if it’s plain to see.

Man 1:  Is it plain to see?

Man 2:  From where I’m standing.

The line moves forward. 

Man 1:  Where should I begin?

Man 2:  At the end.

Man 1:  That far back?

Man 2:  They prefer you start at the end and work your way to the beginning.

The line moves forward.

Man 1:  How did you get in line?

Man 2:  I’m not sure.  I’ve never been out of line.

Man 1:  Me either.

Man 2:  I am sure they will see where we are coming from.

The line moves forward.

Man 1:  How long do you think the line is?

Man 2:  It is longer for me than it is for you since you are in front of me.

Man 1:  (Addressing the man in front of him) how long is the line?

Man 3:  (Addressing the man in front of him) how long is the line?

The question is asked of each man in line by the man behind him until the furthest man at stage right is asked, then the line moves forward and the entering man at stage left asks the man in front of him.  The question is passed forward through the line until it is asked of Man 2 again by the man behind him.

Man 2:  (Addressing the man behind him) it is shorter for me than it is for you since you are behind me.







I am more belly

Than ambition,

More arms and

Legs than will.

At all finger tips I lead the sun through the window.