Sawing (A Play)



            The stage is in darkness.  We see two people.  One standing and Two sitting.  Two is trying hard to saw off his legs.





One:  It’s morning and the sun is not quite full in the sky.



Two:  (Sawing).   Why are you talking now? You’re not supposed to be talking.



One:  And all around we can here the birds moving.



Two:  What birds?



One:  It could rain some.



Two:  It’s not going to rain.



One:  Your not listening.



Two:  To what?






Two:  Did you hear me?  To what?



One:  I wouldn’t set you on fire if you were wet.



Two:  (Sawing harder now, obviously upset).  You were saying that the birds are moving and I was saying that I could not hear them.  I can’t hear what’s not moving. 



Pause.  One has turned from two.



Two:  (Stops sawing).  Look, as soon as I am done we can go.  What were you saying?






Two:  Finish.



One:  That the birds are moving and it could rain.






One:  And the sky is full of air.



Two begins sawing again.



One.  We can hear a very little bit of trees just over us…forming.



Two:  (Tossing the left leg left).  There.



One: (Picking up the discarded leg).  Hey, can I have this?  (Turning it over in his hands).



Two: (Looking up).  If you want it.  I don’t need it.



One:  Are you going to want the other one?



Two:  (Intently sawing).  Nope.



One. (Inspired).  Stretching out their long bodies on the breeze. 



Two:  (looking up).  I would have said wind.



One:  What?



Two:  (Sawing again).  I would have said, stretching out on the wind.






One:  Your not me.



Two:  Obviously.



They both laugh a little.



Two:  Got it.  (Throwing the leg behind him into, what a single spot light reveals to be, a large pile of similar legs).



One:  Good.



Two:  Let’s go.



Black out.  







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