My Seeing Blood Heart Patters

My love less love is a perfect mess.

My love is a mess. My love is perfect.

My love, my perfect love less love, is

Perfect. Love is a mess. my love less

Love is a mess. My love, is less love

My love? Is a perfect love my love?

Less love is perfect. Love, is my love

Perfect? My love is a mess less love. Is

My love a mess less perfect love? my

Love, is love mess less? My love less

Love is mess less. My love, my heart

Is a muscle that pumps blood my love.

Is blood less love perfect? My love less

Love, is perfect love blood less? Love, my

Heart is perfect love. Is a mess my love?

My heart less love, is the heart a muscle

That pumps love? My love less love, is

Blood less love perfect? Love, is a blood

Less heart a perfect muscle? My love, my

Love less love, is my heart a perfect mess?

My love, my love less love, my heart less

Love, that perfect mess is love. My love, my

Love less love.




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